What is 4th Generation?

Analyzing the Intercity and Coach bus market, we found two very important elements that were unnoticed by bus seat manufacturers. We noticed that despite the obligation to equip buses with seat belts, a virtually a negligible percentage of passengers use this solution. The vast majority of travelers ignore this necessity and ignore this aspect of security. The second observation is even more appalling. In public transport, the child's safety and comfort are completely neglected. Not only is there a lack of solutions ensuring the child's safety and comfort, but even there are no legal regulations that would introduce a higher level of safety in the transport of school children. These two observations gave us sufficient motivation to start the activities of creating a new product with unprecedented features. The 4th Generation of seats was created, consisting of WiDS and COMBO platforms, which will allow active passenger safety management, which was not possible until today. The inability to compare new ideas to what exists today was an additional motivator. As a result of research and creating new solutions, two new platforms were created.

Wireless Detection System

WiDS is an ecosystem designed for manufacturers, operators, users of mass transport regardless of the size and type of the fleet of owned vehicles. The system meets three issues which are very important for the manufacturer, operator, and passenger. It supports travel safety and gives the possibility to control and optimize transport processes, which directly affects the optimization of profit for producers or operators.


The COMBO seat has been designed to improve the safety of children's travel. Specially constructed seat and belt adapters allow children to travel safely, protecting their legs and eliminating the risk of slipping out from under the belts. Thanks to the possibility of adapting the seat to the child's growth in a short time, carriers can use the same vehicle for various purposes (school trips and adult transport), increasing its versatility.

About STER Group

STER Group is a family company with branches on several continents. Our goal is to guarantee the safety and comfort of traveling for public transport passengers. We provide the highest quality services, and the ability to adapt the offer to individual customer needs is in our company DNA. Each customer is the creator of their own needs and expectations. Every customer is the most important for us. Given the above motto, the STER Group has created its own Research Institute, which transforms the needs and expectations of our clients and future clients into services and products. Thanks to the network of production plants in the world, we can reach a wide group of passengers with our offers, thus building a permanent bond between the needs and implementation possibilities. People are the highest value of the STER Group. All, without exception, motivated to produce the best products in the world to ensure our customers' satisfaction. We are open to new challenges, needs and defining new projects that indicate new opportunities.

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