What is WiDS? Wireless Detection System

WiDS is an ecosystem designed for manufacturers, operators, users of mass transport regardless of the size and type of the fleet of owned vehicles. The system meets three issues which are very important for the manufacturer, operator, and passenger. It supports travel safety and gives the possibility to control and optimize transport processes, which directly affects the optimization of profit for producers or operators.

The system can be mounted on all types of vehicles (minibusses, city buses, intercity, coach, trains) equipped with upholstered or non-upholstered seats by the STER Group as well as other manufacturers (subject to compliance with safety standards and conditions). The system can be extended with functions indicated by the manufacturer/operator. It has extensive integration possibilities with other IT systems.



Thanks to the use of occupancy detectors and seatbelt fasteners, the driver and travelers are informed about the unfastened seat belts in the vehicle, as well as the need to fasten them, which critically affects passenger safety in a collision or accident. This solution is ideal for school buses, which must meet specific requirements for fastened seat belts. The WiDS system can be optionally equipped with additional sensors such as an accelerometer or gyroscope and function as an eCall system. In this case, in the event of a collision / accident, the system will automatically connect to the nearest rescue center 112 and provide information about the type of collision (direction, speed, position after the accident, e.g. the vehicle is on its side or the vehicle has been flipping) and will also provide the emergency services with information on the amount passengers on the bus (based on the occupancy sensor) and how many passengers had their seat belts fastened (seat belt fastener). In this situation, all management of the rescue operation is more effective than without the WiDS system and most importantly it allows saving more people. The safety of children on buses is also supported by the possibility of using Ster's unique seat on a global scale. The COMBO seat can be adapted to both children of different ages and adults within a few seconds. The effect of using the COMBO seat is the full safety of both children and adults using one adaptive seat.


Thanks to the WiDS system, the manufacturer/operator can monitor the number of passengers in the vehicle on an ongoing basis. About the sold tickets on a given route, it can monitor whether the vehicle carries more passengers, which may suggest driver dishonesty. An additional advantage of the system is also registering the place using the built-in GPS. Thanks to this, the producer/operator has information about the places of all stops. By using optional door opening sensors, it is also possible to monitor if the vehicle has stopped at places not designated for it (except stops). In cases where vehicle monitoring using sensors and WiDS technology will be insufficient, the system can be extended with cameras counting passenger flow. The WiDS system gives the possibility of observing data from vehicles in real-time, as well as the possibility of historical analysis since the installation of the system in the vehicle (a group of vehicles). 


Optimization of transport processes is the most desired functionality of any system for manufacturers and operators. WiDS was created based on optimization. WiDS system users receive a wide set of optimization tools that will increase the efficiency of their fleet and help set directions for further development. An extensive reporting system allowing for comparison of many variants gives a wide range of analysis and optimization options. You can analyze all information about vehicles equipped with WiDS concerning time function and GPS position. In conjunction with the COMBO seat, you can also monitor the status of the seat (child, adult). The full use of the WiDS system will bring savings in every fleet. The unique advantage of the system is its easy operation and installation. Thanks to wireless communication between the elements of the WiDS system, the only element that requires a cable connection is the system computer that draws the power source from the vehicle. Transmitters located under the seats are battery-powered. By using energy-saving technologies in the WiDS system, the battery life of the transmitter is up to 120 months and is actively monitored. The system is equipped with only proven technologies including advanced communication protocols ensuring the security of data exchange.

Elements of the WiDS Ecosystem

Pressure mat (for upholstered seats) located on the passenger seat 

Detection sensor (for non-upholstered seats) located under the seat

Detection sensor (for COMBO seats) indicating the position of the seat 

Seat belt fastener sensor

Wireless transmitter placed under the seat

WiDS computer equipped with advanced communication software, GPS, accelerometer, and gyroscope (optional)

WiDS system for data presentation, control, analysis and optimization


Product range

Technology installed in seats manufactured by the Ster Group company, which consists of a pressure mat and a belt fastening sensor. The WiDS Ready seat allows you to quickly install the WiDS system at any time, without having to dismantle and re-upholster the seat. The use of a seat with the WiDS Ready system makes it possible to meet the requirements and legal regulations related to the mandatory passenger detection system that the European Union authorities are working on when they enter into force, without the need for laborious and error-prone retooling of all seats.

Basic version of the WiDS system. A set of seat occupancy sensors (optional seat belt fasteners) for manufacturers, operators, users regardless of the size and type of vehicle fleet. WiDS One transmits information about the number of occupied places inside the vehicle (optionally fastened belts) to dedicated monitors mounted together with the system (size and characteristics to be agreed) or to devices indicated by the manufacturer, operator. The WiDS One system does not allow data collection, processing or optimization. Data from the system are visible only to the driver and passengers in real-time.

A set of occupancy sensors (optional seat belt fasteners) for manufacturers, operators, users regardless of the size and type of vehicle fleet. WiDS Pro is a complete system enabling in-depth control and analysis of data while maintaining all the functionality of the WiDS One system. Thanks to the WiDS Pro computer, data from the sensors are sent to the system in specified periods (defined), are collected and made available to the manufacturer/operator for analysis and management. WiDS Pro also allows you to use the GPS function for all sensor data, as well as if an accelerometer and gyroscope are installed to meet the requirements of the internal eCall system.


The Ultimate Seat

What is Combo?

The COMBO seat has been designed to improve the safety of children's travel. Specially constructed seat and belt adapters allow children to travel safely, protecting their legs and eliminating the risk of slipping out from under the belts. Thanks to the possibility of adapting the seat to the child's growth in a short time, carriers can use the same vehicle for various purposes (school trips and adult transport), increasing its versatility.

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